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"Thank you for your commitment to support our Foundation. The concert was simply divine"  Philippe De Preux, Fondation CIAO KIDS

"The Champions ... it's you! Thank you for your unique and valuable collaboration."   Dufour, maison de création



In 2015 Irene Abrigo and Madeleine Murray-Robertson, violinists linked by a deep friendship, founded the Association POURQUOIPAS, so Irene assumed the artistic direction, with the aim of supporting culture and social causes through music.

Being solicited by several different projects, the association POURQUOIPAS develops, over the years, into four autonomous sectors, each dedicated to a specific goal:

POURQUOIPAS charity is dedicated to supporting social causes through music;

POURQUOIPAS education is dedicated to projects to promote culture, especially among new generations;

POURQUOIPAS classical is dedicated to the organization of classical concerts;

POURQUOIPAS festival is a cultural and artistic experience under development.

In October 2015 "POURQUOIPAS Virtuosi", the chamber orchestra of the association, performed solo and in collaboration with other artists (Angelique Kidjo, Barbara Hendricks and the artist on sand Cassimo) on the occasion of the Nansen Refugee Award Ceremony in Geneva, an annual humanitarian award given by UNHCR.

In November 2015, the Association collaborated with Quebec director Olivier Dufour, Olympic champion Stéphane Lambiel and singer Bastian Baker in the production of the "Champions!" Show, for the 100th anniversary of the CIO in Lausanne.

Since 2016 the Association POURQUOIPAS collaborates with the CIAOKIDS Foundation, which supports education and microcredit in India.


ANAAP Association Neuchâteloise d'Accueil et d'Action Psychiatrique

Angélique Kidjo, chanteuse

Association Naphtaline, Lausanne

Barbara Hendricks, chanteuse

Bastian Baker, chanteur

Cassimo, artiste sur sable

Conservatoire de Vevey-Montreux-Riviera

CIAOKIDS Fondation

CIO International Olympic Committee

Dufour, Maison de Création

EMC Ecole de Musique de Cossonay

EMS La Colline, Chèxbres

EMS Les Châteaux, Goumoens la ville

Musée Forel, Morges

Opus One, agence événementielle

Palaexpo Geneva

Salle Paderewski, Lausanne

Sophia Talent, agence de mode et évènements

Stéphane Lambiel, champion olympique

UNHCR High Committee for Refugees of United Nations